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The Youth’s Platform for Unraveling the Truth on Racism


Fostering Youth Conversations on Race Relations

JoinMeNow, Inc. aims to spark compelling discussions on race relations through platforms where our youth can actively take part. Our goal is to create a movement that bridges racial divides in our communities and the next generation.


Our Advocacy

We are here to write, discuss, and display our world as we envision, advocate for, and reveal a society free of racial exclusion and inequities.

Speaking Out Through Vlogs

Our dedicated team is committed to driving networks and resources toward the improvement of racial relations. We’re creating a brand-new platform that touches on several topics such as these:

  • Getting Rid of Racism in Our Current and Future Generations

  • Becoming More Inclusive in All Aspects of Everyday Life

  • Educating on (and Putting an End to) Bias, Prejudice, and Stereotyping


Superheroes Start Small

Share your influence for our mission! We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of the coming generation. Help us build a society with fair and compassionate leaders.

More Ways to Help

For those of you who’d want to show your support, you can opt to donate to our organization and help power our efforts.


Let’s Break Barriers Together

We’d love nothing more than to get to know the beautiful cultures and traditions of our friends and viewers from all over the globe. Talk to our team here in California today.